Time Together and Future Weddings

For the first time ever I’m living a way for a long period of time from home. Being so far a way at school makes looking back at home interesting. With tools like facebook, texting and twitter it’s really easy to stay in touch with people. However I do miss seeing things like this image. It’s of one of my really close friends Jess. I’ve know Jess since middle school (which if you know about my history you know how rare it is for me to have that much history with a friend…I think I really only have that type of history with Jess and Sara).

Though I can see pictures of what everyone did for Halloween and birthday parties, I no longer see the little images like this one anymore. I am thus really looking forward to going back home for thanksgiving and getting to see everyone!

I also wanted to announce that I have booked my second wedding shoot! Jess’s sister is getting married September 19th 2010 and I’m the photographer. So far it seems I have only photographed my best friends siblings weddings (so my besties better get more brothers and sisters or start walking down the isle themselves 🙂 ).

It seems it’s happy times for most of my friends back home in the love department. I can’t wait to see everyone again!


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  1. Emily

    Hey Rebecca,

    Congrats on booking your second wedding! That’s so exciting. When you come back for Thanksgiving or maybe for Christmas, we should definitely hang out and possibly shoot each other? I never even knew you were into photography until Facebook. That’s really cool, it’s such a fun hobby! =]

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