What Makes A “Good” Photo Blog?

What makes a good photo blog?  This is a question that has been plaguing me for over a year now.  In search of a answer I have visited many photographers blogs.  After looking at all these different sites I’m not sure if I have an answer to my question yet, but I have a few good leads.

First of all I think it’s important that I said these are “photographers blogs” I visited; not “photo blogs.”  This is because the best blogs are not just about photos they are about the person who took them and the people who are in them.

A lot of photographers seem to fall into this trap.  They just up date their blog with their new pieces of work.   This is fine but it does not take your blog to the next level. That next level is for photographers who expose who they are to their readers.

The best example I have seen of this type of blog is Jamsine Star.  She really does a fantastic job of posting about who she is and how that affects her images!  This helps the readers invest in her brand.  I honestly want to go to her blog everyday because I want to see how her dog Polo is doing and what new photo adventures she has been on!

Another thing great photography blogs all have is advice.  I know photography is extremely competitive.  It seems like every professional photographer worries about some kid (like me) with an expensive camera to come and take away their business.  I understand this point of view but I think it turns people off from your blog.  Some of my favorite photographers are people who are whiling to explain how they did something.  This shows a type of warmth that the photographer has as a person. – and lets face it we want to read a warm kind persons blog and not a cold competitive persons blog.

So the lessons I’ve gathered so far are: show who you are and be a nice person and share your photography knowledge!

Here is a random picture for today.  It’s a old one I took of Bridget but it’s one of my favorites!



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2 responses to “What Makes A “Good” Photo Blog?

  1. Bridget

    I think my favorite (I’m not sure if they are photography blogs or just the way the shoots are presented) when the pictures are worth a thousand words but they aren’t necessary. It’s nice to know where the picture was taken and what was going on that day but the more the picture can tell you the better. what is the person thinking, did they have a rough day or a fun time. I know you mentioned (perhaps in twitter) that you like Time magazines work. I like the style they present their pictures in, just enough of a description.

  2. Hey I think you have a great blog going here, I found it on Bing and plan on returning regularly for the information that you all are providing.

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