Politics: How To Lobby -TED Talk Style

I think I need to be careful with TED Talks.  Because I can just post a new TED Talk everyday for a post.  At that point it really does stop being a photo blog though.

However this TED Talk is too good to pass up.  It’s a video of an elected official talking about the best way to lobby him.  As a person who has interned for four years in a district office, been a student activist, and lobbiest; I have to agree with what he says. However I have a few more tips/comments.  Watch the video and then see my other tips below.

  • Don’t write super long letters.  One page is all that is needed, more than that is too much.
  • Add a personal touch to your lobbying.  When you are trying to get the ear of a elected official don’t just write letters and call.  Show that you are willing to go the extra mile!  Go to the elected officials events in the community.  Introduce yourself.  You don’t need to talk about your issue (in fact it might be better if you don’t).  Just show that you are a friendly and sane person.

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