Phi Delta Theta at UCLA

I don’t know much about fraternities or sororities.  Pretty much the only things I do know are bits of info I get from my boss, who is greek, and from clips I’ve seen of Animal House.

I’ve been at college for a year now but I’m not one to spend time in frat houses.  So I was a bit surprised when a friend of mine asked me to shoot an event for his fraternity.  The Phi Delta Theta fraternity is new to UCLA and this ceremony was to welcome them to the campus.

I was a little worried that as a girl I was intruding on some sort male ritual.  Also those clips from Animal House were running through my mind… not good.  But when I got to the event I found out the Phi Delta Theta fraternity is not Animal House.

In fact Phi Delta Theta has a no alcohol in the house policy.  So this makes their parties a little different from the typical frat parties.  Phi Delta Theta had been at UCLA but the fraternity had to close and now in 2010 they are returning to the campus.  It is easy to brand these guys as the “no drinking frat” and that is a part of their culture but there is a lot more to this group.  Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, was a Phi Delta Theta.  These guys have some big shoes to fill but they are so awesome.  They will do it.

Here are the images of the event!

Nothing says “welcome” like cake!

Here is the center table.  See the little blue pins.  Phi Delta Theta was the first fraternity in America to use pins.

More of the center table.

Here is their manual. I don’t know what is inside of it…

A group of the guys before the event starts.


Singing was a big part of the ceremony.  Here a few guys are looking over the lyrics before it all starts.

And the singing starts.


Here everyone is listening to the guest speaker.

You sign your name in a book to enter into the fraternity.



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