Detention in College, Seriously?!?

I’m siting in class today and I was soooooo board.  So I texted my mom.  We had this great little conversation via texting and then she abruptly asks “wait, are you in class?” I was busted.  I tried to explain that my class has over 100 students in it and I just answered a question correctly from the professor, so no one cares.  The Professor can’t see me in the back of class and as far as she is concerned I’m participating.  But my mom frantically texts back “I’m going to stop texting you now.  You could get detention!”  and that leads us to this new feature I’m trying out on the blog “LOL & WTF.” Lol’s are funny things that happen during the week and WTF’s are…well you all know what they are.


  • Mom’s who think you can still get detention in college.
  • Mom’s who sign off texting converstations saying “Cheerio. Tah tah.”
  • Chesse and green bell peper pizza (you can all guess what I had for dinner tonight).


  • boring classes.
  • 113 degree weather one week and raining the next.
  • lots and lots of reading.

Here is a fun photo of a puppy to make this rainy day feel better 🙂


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