And Then a Friend Walks By…

The last two weeks have been very dramatic.  Their isn’t a whole lot I can say about it in such a public forum. But I’ve been angry, sad, confused, hurt, lost, found, happy, comforted…back to lost and now I’m somewhere in between all that.  I know the next couple of weeks (possiably the whole school year) is just going to be one big rollercoster.  But as much as I want to scream “Let me OFF!” It’s not going to happen.  I have one more year of school here, that’s it, and their is no way that’s changing.  I have to be here at UCLA.

Once this ride is over another one begins.  I get to go home, find a job and pay off my debt.  Yet I’ve been thinking more about if I want to stay in the East Bay.  Right now I can honestly say, I’m not sure.  Maybe it’s just all the drama I’ve been wrapped up in recently but maybe it’s not.  I’m thinking about grad school very seriously now and I’m thinking about going to the east coast.  Even scarier, I’m thinking I might want to study something other than American Gov’t. Idk, maybe my life is just a mess right now and I’m confused.  But we will see.

Because my life is such a mess I have been relying on friends A LOT.  One of them sent me this link.  It’s from my FAVORITE TV show of all time! The message is an important on to remember.  That when you are going through hard times friends are their to help you.


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