Register to Vote! PLEASE!!!

Come find us tomorrow on Bruin Walk and register to VOTE!

Today, November 18th is the LAST day to register to vote in California.  So make sure you register.  You can pick up a voter registration form today on Bruin Walk or at any post office!  Voting is so important and so many people have fought and died for the right to vote.  Don’t let that be in vain. Go register, Go VOTE!

This is me and my friend Erienne with our new boss, Rossario Dawson.  Erienne and I both work for Voto Latino now.  It’s a lot fun! Also it was really cool to meet Rossario Dawson.  I loved her in RENT!

She also met with DREAM Act activists and did a video in support of the DREAM Act! So excellent!!!

I also got to meet Kamala Harris this week!  Can I just say this is a awful picture of me, but thank you to my best roommate ever who put this outfit together for me!!!

And we got to meet Secretary of State Debra Bowen!!!! She was soooo AWESOME!


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