Cody + Brittany Brown:: Wedding 2010

They met while they were both still in high school.  He was working a part time job at Albertsons and she was running into Albertsons quickly to buy ketchup.  Neither of them could have imagined that they would meet and a few years later get married.

The Best Man jokes that the first thing Cody noticed about Brittany was her car.  It was a shiny blue Mustang.  He saw it while he was pushing shopping carts back to the store.  It took a while but he finally asked her “is that your car?”  After that conversation there where movie dates, football games, prom and graduation.  They stayed together after high school. Cody went away to train to be a fireman and Brittany went to school to be a dental assistant.

Brittany and Cody are on the of best examples of stable love.  They are partners and make each other better.   Congratulations Brittany and Cody!

Here is the car that started it all.


Both Cody and Brittany really love country-style.  This was a the theme throughout the wedding.  Brittany wore the best cowgirl boots ever!

These guys were the ring cushions.

Each Bridesmaid got a little gift.


The cake topper “Two Trails Become One Road”

Father and the bride.

Bride and Groom

Brittany and Cody chose to do a “wine box ceremony.”  They placed love letters to each other, a bottle of wine and two glasses in a wooden box and nailed it shut.  In five years they will open the box, read the letters and enjoy the wine together.

Brittany and her bridesmaids looking at the ring.

Brittany with Cody’s family

Mother and daughter


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  1. I lalaloveeee that car. =] So beautiful…

    Just like the rest of the pictures.

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