It’s midterm season and the only reason I’m blogging is that I finished one midterm today.  My last two are next week but the one I took today was the big scary midterm.  That being said, I’m still super busy.  It feels like everything is happening all at once. Midterm season isn’t just the time were all my classes give their midterm tests, it’s also the election midterms. So I have GOTV (Get Out The Vote) events, “studying” aka desperately cramming stuff into my head, making sure a event for my boss is holding at my school goes off well.  It feels rather overwhelming!!! and you guessed it, my last midterm is on election day 😦

With that in mind lets look at the LOL’s and WTF’s of the past week…


  • My dad coloring his beard black to be like the Giant’s pitcher (who I guess has a black beard).
  • Getting a plane ticket to go home on election day!!! This might not be funny but it’s the best news I’ve gotten in a long time!!!
  • My roommate bring home the new Taylor Swift CD after her firm anti-Taylor stance.  It’s good to see that’s now over.


  • Political Science Professors who have their midterms on election day!
  • The 14 boxes of posters for Eva Longoria’s new documentary movie…what am I meant to do with all that???
  • Students who don’t VOTE (Election Day, Nov. 2)

To deal with all the stress…here is a picture of my favorite fruit: Pomegranate!



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  1. Chloe

    I LOVE pomegranates! And LIKE tswift.

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