Chloe!!!! Jokes, Finals and Photography

This is Chloe, my roommate.   A few days ago she came to me and asked me to take her photograph because of her internship with the HAMMER Museum.  I was happy to help but I could tell she was apprehensive about doing this.  She doesn’t like being in photos.  The first time we tried to take the photo was in our apartment, she had just pulled an all nighter and I had been in the library for several hours.  It’s finals season and no one is at their best.

The first time around was in the apartment, at night with awful lighting.  I had to crank up the ISO and hope for the best. I’m not that good of a photographer.  I was nervous, she was nervous and tired.  The next day was my last chance to get this.  She needed photo by the end of work Friday.  I knew Chloe was going to run back to the apartment for 15 mins on her lunch break and that’s all the time I had to get the shot.  I was nervous.  I had to think of something, some joke, some wacky thing to say to make her laugh and feel more comfortable.  This is scary, if you know me then you know I’m not a funny person.  I’m a serious person.  I’m half English gosh darn it… how many tea drinking, stiff upper lip English people do you know that are funny?!?

She arrived and I hoped I had my joke ready.  I took a couple of shots and she still looked uncomfortable.  So, time to pull out the joke… (It was a random inside joke that she and I would know and so no point in saying it).  I said it and kept my camera to my eye.  But it worked! She laughed and relaxed and I got the shot.

Note to self: Think of more jokes…


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  1. Chloe

    You ARE funny… And you have good teeth, and you like country music. You, my friend, are a walking English contradiction! Thanks for the photo! :]

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