There’s No Business Like Show Business

Lights. Camera. Action! Do they say that on radio? and if they don’t, what do they say before starting a radio show?  Well this is Andrae Russell Patrick Vigil-Romero and Roya Aminzadeh and they are co-hosts of The TawkBaux on UCLA Radio.  Next time I see them I’ll have to ask how a traditional radio starts.  Andrae is a friend of mine from politics and he recently got involved with UCLA radio.   He asked me to take some photographs for promotional purposes.

This shoot was early in the morning. Like 9am early!!! (I’m in college… anything before 11am is early).  Despite the early time both Andrae and Roya came to the shoot energized and ready to go.  They were so much fun to photograph!!! Thank you so much guys for an awesome shoot!!!

Andrae and Roya, hosts of The TawkBaux

The TawkBaux focuses on events around UCLA and happening in the entertainment industry.  This photograph might be a preview to what type of interactions we can expect on the show…lol.

Both Andrae and Roya are hosts of the show and we will be doing a re-shoot next week to include the DJ in the pics.



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