Andrae Russell Patrick Vigil-Romero: Anytime

Ok, so you all saw that photo of that random ladder I had to climb to get to a shoot. Well this is the shoot that was for. This is Andrae. You might recognize him from the shoot I did for UCLA radio. After that shoot Andrae asked me to take some head shots for him. You see he is also into acting. Andrae suggested the roof of the student government building at UCLA for the location of our shoot. I said “sure” without really knowing how we were going to get up there. Well, a trip to the top-level of the building and climbing a sketchy ladder lead to a really AWESOME location. It was really gritty! There was a wonderful brick wall, pipes, a black wall with a green metal gate, a rusty old ladder. So many back drops and all so gritty and wonderful!!!

Here are some of the results from the shoot. Thank you Andrae for showing me this great location and for being such a relaxed, funny and AWESOME model!!!!

Andrae just has a wonderful sense of funny. I think he put me more at ease than I did for him. Seriously Andrae, a million thank yous!!!!



On a side note this would probably be a good time to announce a little gimmick I’m doing on the blog. See, I really want to hear from people who read the blog (I know, I know, it’s mostly my roommate and my dad who read this blog). But just in case other people read it too, I would really like to hear from you all. Do you like a particular shoot? Do you like a certain photo? Should I be doing something different? Should I post more quotes? More landscape photos? If you have an opinion post it in the comment section! The person who posts the 100th, 250th, 500th and 1,000th comment will each get a prize 🙂  I’m not sure how this will all work out but I figure it’s worth a try. It’s a nice way to thank people who do read the blog. Because really, I am so grateful to everyone who does read it and everyone who agrees to model for me. You are all so helpful in making me a better photographer!!!!!

Much love
– Becca


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One response to “Andrae Russell Patrick Vigil-Romero: Anytime

  1. Definitely love the second shot. =] He seems like a fun guy!

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