Arah McManamna: Anytime

Arah is a photographer, friend and fellow Bruin. She was kind enough to offer to take some photos of me. You can see one of those photos up on the top of website. I LOVE what she did. But of course I couldn’t let her take some photos of me without getting some of her!

Here are the results of that shoot. While we were shooting EVERY photographer in LA was at UCLA. This might sound like an exaggeration but it’s not. Their were about five other photographers out their shooting. Both Arah and I are newbie photographers and it was interesting (and a bit intimidating) being around professional photographers and all their fancy equipment.

I am amazed by Arah’s confidence in front of the camera! Later when I post the photos she took of me, you will see a lot of awkward smiles. Arah however was a star. She would naturally smile, pose and have fun with the shoot. She could also do a fierce serious face too!


laying down on the grass was totally her idea. I think it trued out wonderful!



Can I just say, I LOVE her hair!!!!!!!



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