Midterm week is about to start and I just got back from a trip to Las Vegas! This was my first time to Vegas and I was really excited to take photos of all the exciting things in the city (gambling and good food were also pluses).

The purpose of our trip to Vegas was to celebrate Mac’s birthday. Mac was my R.A. last year.  R.A.’s are the people the school hires to try to keep order in the dorms. They are the ones who knock on your door to tell you to be quiet, to enforce the no alcohol rule and help make sure there is no roommate drama. They bring a sense of community to the one campus living environment. Mac and my other R.A. were awesome last year and I’m really happy Mac and I have staid friends. Mac is the happiest person I’ve ever met. He is also the most determined and caring. If one of his residents ever needed something, he would try to move mountains for them.

Happy Birthday Mac!!! Thanks for showing me Las Vegas!!!

Above is the Paris Hotel. Who needs to go Europe? You can go to Vegas!

These are two photos of our hotel. We staid at the Venetian hotel which is themed to look like Venice.

Below is Caesars Palace all lit up at night. Sooo pretty 🙂 We were all wondering, do you think their is a “The Hangover” Suite in the hotel now. Since the movie made the hotel EVEN more famous.

Here is the group that went!!!

and here is a photo of me with the group…yay, for being in photos!

P.S. birthday shout-out to Morgan!!!



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2 responses to “Vegas!

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  2. Awesome blogging photo content, absolutely amazes me, dear friend!;-) 😉
    PS I love to visit a clean cut, and freshly pressed site in all reality!

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