Funny Photo Friday

If you are a photographer and haven’t read the comic strip What the Duck, you should. It’s actually a rather honest comic about photographers and their clients. Above is a poster of all the different photographers there are out there. I’m probably a mix between: starstruck, match maker, grunt and not so serious. What type of photographer are you?



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3 responses to “Funny Photo Friday

  1. I liked the duckies 🙂 I’m the matchmaker duck lol

  2. I’m a cross between Clueless, Spent and Narcissistic. Your mum says she’s Clueless and Old-School. LOL

    • rebeccabarrett

      Congrats dad you are the 100th commenter on my blog!!! A gift will be in the mail to you soon (at least I don’t have to ask where you live).

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