L.A. Bucket List

There is so much to do in L.A. and it is a little over whelming. I have lived here for just over a year and I don’t feel like I’ve seen half the city. With this in mind my roommate and I created a “L.A. Bucket List.” It’s a list of everything we want to do in L.A. before we leave school. The list evolves over time, so things might be added to it later. A crossed out item has been complete.
1) Go to the Grove
2) Visit the L.A.’s farmers market
3) Go to the Museum of Tolerance
4) See a sports event at the Staples Center
5) Get a fancy dinner in downtown L.A.
6) Hike up to the Hollywood Sign
7) Take a bike ride along Venice Beach
8 ) Visit LACMA
9) Window shop at Rodeo Drive
10) Walk down Abbot Kinney
11) Visit the Getty Museum
12) Visit the Getty Villa
13) Go to the Huntington Gardens


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4 responses to “L.A. Bucket List

  1. My uncle said socal shared its warm weather with us for the weekend. haha It’s been amazing up here.

    • rebeccabarrett

      I heard! It’s been nice here too. A little rainy a few days a week and a half ago but now it’s back to being really nice again. Summer dress status time 🙂

      I hope this quarter is going well for you and you’re not killing yourself too badly with classes.

  2. Paul Mitchell

    you should amend #13 to “Get High Tea at the Huntington Gardens” then you can check out the museums and crazy gardens afterward. The cactus garden is amazing.

  3. rebeccabarrett

    Thanks Paul! Getting high tea at the Huntington Gardens would be really neat. I hadn’t thought to do that. My roommate and I are really excited to go to the museums. She’s a history major and I’m a nerd. I hear their book collection is AMAZING!

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