L.A. Bucket List Goal #8: Visit the LACMA

Accomplished! This weekends adventure was to the L.A. County Museum of Art (LACMA).  We went to go see the Indian art and European dress exhibits.  They were kinda cool. There is a lot of really cool art in L.A. and it’s nice to go out and see it!

These lampposts are a landmark of L.A. It’s an out-door art installation for the LACMA. It’s really cool to see at night but easier to photograph in the day.

Chloe and I are thinking of taking our senior photos here. I guess these are tests shoots for what is to come.




Really, these things are soooo cool!!!!



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2 responses to “L.A. Bucket List Goal #8: Visit the LACMA

  1. Erienne

    I’m going to spending the week between graduation and the start of Summer Session A to do everything in LA that I never got the chance to do (including this)! We should do some stuff if yout sticking around LA for a couple of days!

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