Banksy Comes to Westwood

Banksy is the pseudonym for an English artist. He is mostly known for his street graffiti artwork that tends to have some political or social commentary. His work is found throughout the world and today he seems to have come to LA. A new piece of his artwork has shown up in a allay in Westwood. It’s behind the Urban Outfiters in Westwood. Small crowds have students have gone to see the artwork. People are coming with their iphones and expensive cameras taking photos. One woman came with her baby and took a photograph with the painting and the child. There is the belief the city will paint over the artwork. I really hope they don’t do that!

Becca Barrett Photography

It really is in an ally way! It’s interesting to have such notable art work in an ally way in Westwood.

Becca Barrett Photography

I also like that the child is shooting the “No Parking” sign. Parking is so hard to find in L.A. I’ve wanted to shoot a No Parking sign too. I also like that the child is shooting it with crayons. It’s very peaceful and fun!

Becca Barrett Photography


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