My Summer Insperation

I love summer time! Warm weather, beaches, summer dresses, colors, flip-flops and sun glasses…what’s not to LOVE?!? I am getting email blasted by all my favorite stores reminding their summer fashion lines are coming out (like I need reminding). I’m resisting going shopping until after finials week but then after that, I think I need a new wardrobe ūüôā

However I LOVE getting emails from American Eagle Outfitter’s, H&M, Holster, Banana Republic etc because I get to see all the photography that comes with them! I think looking at these photos (for me at least) is a great way to learn more about photography. I can study: posing, composition, lighting and some post processing tips. ¬†And I get to look at pretty clothes. Perfect!

I really like the style of photography that American¬†Eagle is using. Rather than just showing the clothes or the model, they show the whole sense. They are selling a lifestyle. They are saying “Buy our clothes and you can live on a beach.” They are a good example of “lifestyle photography.” Which is the kinda photography I want to do. I find it interesting that they cropped off a little bit of the top of girls head. But because it’s a¬†close¬†crop you feel drawn into the photograph more.

P.S. I LOVE the dress!!! I want it ūüôā

Again, another American¬†Eagle¬†photo. This one is meant to sell the shirt the girl is wearing. So the jeans are kinda¬†irrelevant¬†and so¬†cropped¬†out. However this photo is a really good¬†portrait¬†of the models face. I also find where she is putting her arms interesting. -That might sound like a strange statement but in photos arms can sometimes just “hang.” They don’t add anything to photo. The arms in this photo don’t just seem to hang…I must remember how they did that next time I’m shooting.

I really like H&M. Some of their clothes can be really European and funky. But their is always about 20% of the store that just has the cutest clothes. Their work clothes are often classy and sleek. They often make me think of what a girls with jobs in New York wear. Which is something I aspire to be -minus living in New York.

The Gap is really good at doing group photos to show off their seasonal lines. Everyone in the group has their own pose and own space. They aren’t crowding around each other or doing the “sorority¬†squat” to all fit in the photos. I have to remember this when taking group photos.


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  1. Yesss. =] I’m semi-hoping my mom gives me extra money so I can do some summer shopping too while I’m down south with you. Can’t wait!

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