Running Back Into the Rabbit Hole

I haven’t been blogging lately.  Even worse, I haven’t been shooting. I don’t know why this happens but sometimes I just get into a funk. I like to think of it as “running back into the rabbit hole.” You see, with blogging and photography I feel like I have to put myself out there a lot. It’s kinda like creeping out of my hiding place….Which makes me feel super uncomfortable. In return for feeling mass amounts of uncomfortableness, (is that even a word?!?) I hope to become a better photographer. And I do see that happening. I can go back to old posts and see a evloution in my photography.

But then I get scared. I realize how bad of a photographer I was and that I might have gotten two steps better. That realization freaks me out. What if I still actually suck? What if, to get way better I have to totally commit to photography and leave other interests behind? What if I always suck?

Those question swirl around in my head for a long time and it makes it difficult for me to pick up my camera or blog. I’m going to try and push myself out of it though. I’m hoping to post more about photo classes I’ve recently taken, shoots that I’ve been on, books that I’ve read, future post-college life plans and again lots more photos! We will see how this goes.



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2 responses to “Running Back Into the Rabbit Hole

  1. carrie holliday

    you are very talented!!! i would love to have a portrait shoot when you’re in the bay area again? 🙂

    i used to blog/write more, but i also ran back into the rabbit hole.
    now making a point to write more and rebuild the confidence! i wish you the best too!

  2. rebeccabarrett

    Hey Carrie! I’m back in the Bay in mid June so we should do a shoot then!!! What is the link to your blog?

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