T.E.A.M =Together Everyone Accomplishes More

I have always secretly admired athletes. If you saw me in high school I was probably the kid who was “to cool” to care about sports…was sports ever going to change the world? Well lets look at the qualities playing sports provides lessons in: teamwork,  persistence,  work ethic, confidence, leadership, pride, and discipline. All of these are great qualities to have and can be used to make  positive change in our community.

I had the pleasure and privilege of being able to photograph a NorCal girls soccer team called the Concord MOB. I watched them train, warm-up and play. I have been able to listen to their sports stories and their life stories. All of them have the great qualities I listed above. They worked together and supported each other as a team. They are amazing girls!

The amount of comradeship I got to see from the sidelines will stay with me for a long time. Everyone got to play and everyone was supportive of the girls out on the field. Girls who were on the bench handed water to girls who were playing during breaks. When a girl came to the bench to rest the other girls would all cheer and support her. Really, it was an amazing sight.

I’m so glad I got to see them play.

Becca Barrett Photography

It was a cloudy and cold day. This made the lighting really nice to take photos but also made it super cold. It didn’t rain during the game I watched but it did during the other game of the day. Wearing shorts in those conditions must have been horrible!

Becca Barrett Photography

Becca Barrett Photography

Becca Barrett Photography

This is them doing warm-ups…I know it’s the last picture and if I was listing the photos in any type of timeline it would be first…but that’s okay.


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