Hike Up To The Hollywood Sign: Check

Last Friday Chloe and I completed goal number 6 on our L.A. bucket list, we climbed to the Hollywood sign. It was a epic climb. The first 1/3 of it was really steep and over whelming.  But it was really nice to see this cute little welcoming sign that said that the worst of the hike was over and we had made it.

Becca Barrett Photography

The views along the trail was amazing! You could see so much of L.A. and lots of beautiful fields of flowers.

Becca Barrett Photography

There where so many flowers!!! It was really pretty (once you got over the intense walk). From the 2/3 point of the trail Chloe and I stepped off the path and ended up in a restricted part of trail. From this point we got a great view of the front of the sign. You see, from the real trail you go to the back of the sign and we wanted to see the front. We succeeded!

Becca Barrett Photography



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2 responses to “Hike Up To The Hollywood Sign: Check

  1. Chloe Walker

    awesome! if only the guy who took our photo new how to zoom out haha….

  2. Chloe Walker

    knew haha

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