Portraits Of the UCLA Elections Board

Student government elections are brutal at UCLA and the people that are meant to keep the candidates and supporters in line are the Elections Board (e-board for short).  The e-board are the arbiters of the election. They organize the debates and make rulings on if any of the candidates are acting inappropriately. Which is a very stressful job. Both sides call each other on bad behavior and the e-board has to rule fairly.

This years UCLA e-board is made up of five people, four of which sat down with me to take photos. Each of them are fantastic student leaders! Ashley works for UCLA’s Bruin Lobby Corps and the External Vice Presidents Office and she is an amazing person who does so much for the school. Patrick is the Former Advertising Director for Bruin Democrats and is going to Washington D.C. this summer to intern for Congresswoman Bass. Both Patrick and Ashley are graduating this year (CONGRATULATIONS)!!!

Libby is a foreign exchange student from England – Which just makes her involvement in student government all the more impressive…she won’t even be here next year and she is getting involved! Also I have Libby’s photo in black and white because I think it gives her that old English uni girl look. Like in that photo she could be attending Oxford right now and thinking of running for Parliament…lol. I just met Amna at the shoot and I was blown away by how sweet she is! She was so nice to me and everyone in group. I have no doubt she will be a fair decision maker.

So here they are UCLA, your Election Board members. May we have a fair and peaceful election!

Patrick James Ahrens

Ashley Williams Loeb

Amna Qamar

Libby Edgar

Above is a group shot out in front of Kerckhoff Hall. Kerckhoff is the student government building and is also where the Election Board meets and holds office hours. Below is a group shot of the girls on the election board. 🙂


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