Teachers Little Pest

Every night until the 7th grade my mom or dad would come into my room and either read or sing to me. My mom was the one who mostly did it but sometimes my dad would too. My dad’s choice of songs often bordered on the bizarre. He would often sing: the National Anthem, the ballad of the Green Berets and the Marine Corps Hymn. All of these are slightly random songs to sign to a five-year old girl. Especially when you consider I was living in England and had no real concept of being an American yet. Maybe that was what my dad was trying to do…instill in me some sense of Americanism.

Well there was also one song (my favorite song) that wasn’t hyper patriotic. It was a song my dad made up when he was in middle school (he was a dork). I decided to post those lyrics below. It is sung to the tune of the Marine Corps Hymn. I used to think this song was so funny…a battle cry for kindergarteners!

From the Halls of Itchy-Gooey
To the Shores of Bubblegum Bay
We will fight our teachers in battle
With spit balls made of clay
We will fight for lunch and recess
and to keep our desk a mess
We are proud to claim the title…
of teachers, little, pest.



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2 responses to “Teachers Little Pest

  1. I love your parents. =] and this song. It’s too cute.

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