Funny Photo Friday

On Friday’s I try to post a photography joke to lighten the mood and this post has that. But first I wanted to thank everyone for an amazing day yesterday! Somehow, my last bog post ended up on “freshly pressed.” I don’t know who made the call to post my blog there but THANK YOU! That was amazing and I’m so happy someone thought what I was blogging about was interesting enough to be put on there.

THANK YOU to all the new people who have read my blog, left a comment (a lot of people said Hi!), subscribed or liked my post!!! That means a lot to me 🙂 And thank you to everyone who read my blog before and have pushed me to keep doing this! I hope people come back to my little blog and I don’t let you all down.

And now back to our regular programming…

So these guys take photography seriously…and they have this viral video to prove it.

Come on photographers…if you don’t find that a little humorous then you aren’t having enough fun with photography.



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5 responses to “Funny Photo Friday

  1. Haha…loved the video! 🙂 I remember the first time I ever said the word “shoot” in reference to photography. I may have almost gotten banned from facebook. Apparently, people who aren’t photographers or haven’t worked that much with them dont understand the phrase, “I’m looking forward to shooting you.” Oops…my mistake 🙂

    • rebeccabarrett

      hahaha, totally know what you mean! I put “shoot” in my tweets, facebook status’ all the time. It did take my friends a short while to get what I meant.

      I thought the video has a interesting take on what we do as photographers and how serious we all get. I liked that it made fun of that.

      P.S. I went over to your blog and I really like your photos!

  2. I liked it, too! As a rule, I try not to take myself too seriously, but when it comes to the technical photograhy stuff I get downright picky. I even annoy myself which I why I have to remind me all the time that art is subjective and not everything has to be technically perfect at every given moment. That’s what makes it art 🙂 I feel another blog post coming on, lol. I actually did post one about “shooting” after I read this. And thank you for the compliment on my photos! You totally made my day 😀

  3. Ah, that was great. One time in Korea I was taking a couple of shots when a guy dressed ready for photographic combat with boots, a vest made for carrying camera stuff, the whole nine yards comes by and checks me out like I was going to “shoot” him in the back. I rue only haveing a very long telephoto on me at the time…a shot of him would have been great!

  4. It is my first time here reading on your blog. Its nice to read some tips from your previous post. I just like your fb page, please continue having amazing days.

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