True Bruins: Part II

My alarm went off at 6am this Sunday. Even on a typical school day I’m not up before 10am, so being up at 6am was an event. But I’m so glad I got my butt out of bed that day! Philipinos for Community Health (PCH) at UCLA asked me to be their photographer at their health fair. There were blood pressure screens, cholesterol tests, mammograms, pap tests eye exams, and dental care. I was so honored to be able to document this event. PHC is doing such good work and I think it’s amazing that college students would take do put together an event like this!

At UCLA we are encouraged to be, what is called a “true Bruin.” After this weekend, I can’t think of a better example of true Bruins. These students gave up hours of free time to organize this event! They are rolling up their sleeves and trying to help people.


Becca Barrett Photography

Group shot of the medical students who ran all the test.

Becca Barrett Photography

And here is their really great banner!!!

Becca Barrett Photography

The health fair was in the heart of Filipinotown, in L.A.

Becca Barrett Photography

Blood pressure tests!

Becca Barrett Photography

Becca Barrett Photography

Becca Barrett Photography

Becca Barrett Photography

So these are teeth that dentists used to show people how to properly brush their teeth. I sat in on this class too (I eat so many sweets I need it). I even got a free tooth brush!

Becca Barrett Photography


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