My Life In iPod Photos: Part II

Cameras are everywhere these days. They are on your phone, computer, ipad and ipod. And people take pictures of everything! These photos are of the little things we do or see. They are not as big and flashy as a photo shoot. But I think, ipod photos are a more honest portrait of our lives. I take photos of building I see when I walk home everyday. I might do this because I like how the light is hitting the windows or because I think the building is interesting. I take photos of funny posters or graffiti. I basically take photos of things that I see in my everyday life.

So here is my life in ipod photos (well, the last four months of my life).

Becca Barrett Photography

Above is the view from my apartment buildings roof. I go up there to read sometimes. Below is a billboard on campus. It was during the Bruin Week…when high school seniors who were accepted to the school come and visit.

Becca Barrett Photography

Below is something I saw on the way to class. Someone wrote it on the stair case railing. I thought it was really petty.

Becca Barrett Photography

Below is a picture of the oath I had to take for work 🙂

Becca Barrett Photography

And of course below is my graduation sash and graduation tickets!

Becca Barrett Photography


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  1. I really like the “peace & love” one!! 🙂

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