Life in iPod Photos

My life has changed dramatically over the last five months. I graduated from UCLA, moved to Sacramento, and started working at the California Department of Education. I cook my own dinners, buy work clothes…I have my own health insurance now!

Adjusting to this new life has taken some time and I’ve not picked up my camera as much as I would have liked. I’m hoping that will start changing soon. Hoping I’ll be taking more photos in the up coming weeks and I will have something to blog about. Also in the next few months I planning to make some changes to blog. But for now here are some life updates from my iPod…

Becca Barrett Photography

Here is my badge from work! I have a “real” job…yikes!

Becca Barrett Photography

This is the inside of the capitol dome. I live a few blocks away from the capitol building!


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  1. Great to see you back! Hope you can adjust to the real world!

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