Graduation Shoot: Sam Iaquinto

Sam and I have known each other since high school. Sam is one of the bravest people I know. She has traveled all over the world! She has been to New York, Japan, the Philippians, Europe, and Latin America. What’s more, she doesn’t just visit a place. Often times she lives there. She is living in Spain right now. I’m so happy I got to graduate from college with Sam. It was nice to through it with someone who had already gone through a graduation before.

I LOVED Sam’s colorful dress!!! and I also LOVED that she wanted to take photos at different parts of campus. She was the only one to ask for a photo with the Bruin Bear.

Becca Barrett Photography

I miss talking with Sam a lot! I hope she is having a blast in Spain. I’m also really sorry it took me so long to post this shoot.

Becca Barrett Photography


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  1. Lovely dress! I thought all the bruins were in Boston.

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