Sister Act: Sara & Morgan

“Are there any girls to play with?” is the question that started it all. Four-year-old Sara had followed her older brother to the house down the street. Her brother was playing with a friends and Sara followed him, marched up to the front door and spoke her mind. Lucky for Sara, there was a girl, Morgan. They have been friends ever since.

Anyone who knows Sara understands how prophetic that story is. Four year old Sara was showing the same tenacity that is a core aspect of her character today (she is now 22).

Morgan is the “cool” one. She wears the cool clothes, knows about make-up and is artistic. She is also younger than Sara and probably was a little de facto cool because she had an older friend. Morgan also does what she wants, no matter what people say. She will climb tall trees, drive too fast and or go climb on some high rocks.

Becca Barrett Photography

Both girls did swim team together and girl scouts together. Sara looked out for Morgan in high school. After all, Sara was a senior and Morgan was a freshman. Sara’s protection grounds Morgan and Morgan’s risk taking is an adventure for Sara. (There is a certain concert tour bus chasing incident that really proves this point but will remain unspoken here because it’s too embarrassing).

Becca Barrett Photography

Both Sara and Morgan’s parents live in the same houses they did when both the girls where little. But Sara now goes to school in Tennessee and only comes back to California once or twice a year.  It is nice that when Sara is back home both girls still live near each other and are able to hang out. This photo shoot is just one of the many winter break plans they have.

Becca Barrett Photography

Though they are not related by blood both of them call each other sisters. Because they are.

Becca Barrett Photography



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  1. Great pics, Bec! Big sister, little sister…

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