A Barrett Family Christmas

Christmas is one of the few times everyone in my family comes together. We are all spread out, I am in Sacramento and I have a cousin at Harvard and another at UCLA. Since we were all together my dad asked me to take some photos of everyone.

Becca Barrett Photography

This is the whole family, minus me…because I’m taking the photo. If I had thought about this photo more I would have asked a few people to change place. I don’t like where everyone is standing… lesson learned I guess.

Becca Barrett Photography

Like every family, ours has a lot of stories. My grandma came to America from Mexico some time in the late 1920’s. She and her twin sister grew up on a farm in Kansas. When my grandma and her sister grew up they became nurses. Grandma moved to California and had three kids (My dad, aunt and uncle that are seen above).

My dad grew up with his siblings and his single mom in San Francisco. He listened to cowboy shows on the radio, went to Catholic school and collected comic books. A year after graduating high school he joined the U.S. Army. He eventually got accepted to West Point but turned it down and got stationed in Germany.

Becca Barrett Photography

My uncle, grandma and cousin. I love the laughter in this photo!

Becca Barrett Photography

My aunt and uncle (both teachers!!!), grandma and cousins.

Becca Barrett Photography

All the grandkids! Thanks dad for taking the photo 🙂 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Barrett family!!!


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  1. Next time you need to bring your tripod, so you can be in more of the photos.

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