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If I Should Have a Daughter

This is really one of the best TED videos I have seen in a long time (and that is saying something). This is such a fantastic talk and every young girl should hear the poem!!! I hope you all enjoy!


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Can Photos Change The World

Below is another TED video. Its title is “Photos that changed the world.” Changing the world through photography is an interesting notion to me. I have always known that I want to do something to make my community a better place. I chose to do that through politics. It seemed like the most direct route to take.

I find it interesting that other people, with the same goal, chose to take a different route. The route of using photography to impact change did not seem clear to me at first. But the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. Photos can tell people about a situation. Photos can motivate the average person in action. Photos can cause people to experience deep emotions. Maybe more so than political speeches or pandering. It is an interesting idea.

So here is the TED video. Do you all think photos can change the world???

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101 Comments & Some TED

This little blog reached 101 comments last night. The winner of the comment contest was my dad (Kevin Barrett) won. Yep, that’s right, my dad won. I’m that cool. My dad reads my blog. He will be getting a Jama Juice gift card in the mail. I was going to get the winner a itunes gift card but my dad doesn’t use itunes….so, smoothies it is. The picture below what google gave me when I did an image search for 101. It’s kinda cute!

I haven’t posted a TED talk in a while. So here is one I just found, it’s about female cartoonists. Hopefully I’ll have more photo shoot stuff soon. If anyone is interested in modeling for a shoot, please let me know!

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Politics: How To Lobby -TED Talk Style

I think I need to be careful with TED Talks.  Because I can just post a new TED Talk everyday for a post.  At that point it really does stop being a photo blog though.

However this TED Talk is too good to pass up.  It’s a video of an elected official talking about the best way to lobby him.  As a person who has interned for four years in a district office, been a student activist, and lobbiest; I have to agree with what he says. However I have a few more tips/comments.  Watch the video and then see my other tips below.

  • Don’t write super long letters.  One page is all that is needed, more than that is too much.
  • Add a personal touch to your lobbying.  When you are trying to get the ear of a elected official don’t just write letters and call.  Show that you are willing to go the extra mile!  Go to the elected officials events in the community.  Introduce yourself.  You don’t need to talk about your issue (in fact it might be better if you don’t).  Just show that you are a friendly and sane person.

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The Power of Photography

I’ve been watching some great videos of photograph journalists and how they do their jobs.  I found this video on TED (a great obsession of mine).  Working for National Geographic or TIME as a photographer is a DREAM job!

Here is a link to a TIME Magazine video about a recent photo project about the Women of Afghanistan. It is a really great video!


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